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Organizational Values

Our Philosophy - "Life In Balance"

Our Vision

Delivering Excellent Customer Service: Our home has many customers - staff, residents, families, vendors & our community to name a few. The basic elements of customer service are good communication and understanding the needs and expectations of those around us.

Promoting The Success of Others: This is our version of the Golden Rule. Helping others to be successful will ultimately help you be successful.

Leading By Example: We have nothing without it. We have a natural instinct and responsibility to keep each other safe and improve our quality of life. Our role as a health care provider extend well beyond our walls. We represent the company everywhere we go. We are proactively involved with our Staff, Residents, Families and Communities in an effort to best fulfill our Mission

Committing to Quality Outcomes: Our primary goal is providing health care services to those who need them. The goal of the healthcare services we provide is to maximize quality of life and safety consistent with our Mission.

Our Mission:

To provide people in our community with healthcare, customer services, support & employment to achieve their individual best quality of life.

Our Vision:

Nurse and Patient

To redefine skilled nursing care through successful team development, use of technology, progressive service and being a strong community partner.