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Food Services

No place can beat a home cooked meal. We recognize we are not necessarily home - but we are the next best thing for many! Our food service staff creates some very tasty dishes and we pride ourselves on our food services. All meals are prepared onsite to appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes, nutritional needs and therapeutic diets. Food is sacred and we will always do our best to assure you enjoy your meals.

Our standards include:

  • Variety of food
  • Pleasurable dining experience
  • Meeting the dietary needs of every individual resident
  • Fresh products obtained locally
  • Dietary staff with strong culinary background

Food Service Menu

The food menu rotates on a weekly basis and repeats every four weeks with serveral cycles throughout the year. Click images of the corresponding week to view full menu.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

We are currently in the Fall-Winter cycle. Please reference the calendar to determine the current week.

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